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Winning Way by Gyutae Park – Helpful Blogging Hints

After reading 27 pages of suggestions on blogging in the Winning Way, I thought I’d share just a few tips that made me say “yes!” If you want to read the whole book you can download it here.

The Winning Way, by Gyutae Park

The Winning Way, by Gyutae Park, image source:

  1. Separate Writing from Editing –> Great advice. When I write, I nitpick. I struggle to write the perfect sentence. My rate of success aside, editing while I write arrests my flow. When he says, “writing is a creative process, and editing is a critical one,” the separation clicks. Only after giving free rein to my creativity will I edit.  The separation may lengthen the writing process, but the benefits will be a more fluid, creative writing style, one with more me on the paper. Let me know how I’m doing please (thanks!).
  2. Give Interviews (via email, podcasts, and videos) –> Cool idea. Publishing an interview on a blog makes private knowledge public. The more a blogger does that, the greater his value to the community. I want to try it.
  3. Show Post Excerpts –> Beginning now. Rather than let a 1,000 word blog post dominate a homepage, Park suggests providing excerpts of each post. This allows readers to more easily find  interesting material.
  4. Magazine Style Format –> For when I buy a domain. Park uses the magazine style for his website. By using this format, a blogger can prevent time from determining a visitor’s first impression.  Rather than make the most recent post the dominating feature, a blogger can make his most important element dominate. It gives him freedom.

What are some of your favorite Winning Way tips? Even better, what are some of your own tips you have picked up along the way?


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The Winning Way by Gyutae Park

I like free stuff, especially when the stuff is knowledge. That’s why I like my library cards at WashU, Rutgers, and my local library, that’s why I like Hubspot, and that’s why I like The Winning Way, a 118 page ebook by Gyutae Park (

Backstory, a successful internet marketer, blogger, and entrepreneur suffered from internet marketing information overload–too many web resources and blogs to process–and to resolve his dilemma, he spent six months compiling and distilling that endless information into this gem. For a taste, I have listed the chapter headings below:

  • Author’s Note
  • How to Read this Book
  • Setting Up Your Site
  • E-Commerce
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Blogging
  • Link Building
  • Local
  • Paid Search (Pay-Per-Click – PPC)
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Final Words

I have read “Setting Up Your Site”, “E-Commerce”, and “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”. I like his concise prose and additionally, he peppers his writing with links to other helpful resources. For example, in his chapter on SEO, a topic I know close to nothing about, he included a link to another blog–SEOmoz,–entitled “Beginner’s Guide – What is SEO?” Perfect!

Anyone can download his book, just go to his website (I forgot to mention his promise–if you don’t find three new ideas in his book, he’ll pay you $50 🙂 )

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