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3 Ingredients to Social Media Channel Success

At Tippingpoint Labs, we ask the big questions. What drives a social media channel’s success? What gets it from the beginning of its evolution to sustainability? How does one social media channel fit into the social media universe, and what does that mean for business? I am proud to help see this research project through.

This is a simple view of where success originates.

  1. The value of the medium – What’s the volume of the blog readership? The podcast listening? This ingredient constrains the number of visitors to the channel based on the medium of communication.
  2. Presence of Relevant and Quality Content – How successful is the channel at not only publishing quality content, but featuring the quality content in a way that brings a person back again and again.
  3. Community Infrastructure – How well does the channel’s structure support sharing and engaging? Channels can really build and solidify their user base here by making the community experience as important as the content. On the flip side, a weak community infrastructure makes a channel an easy target from poaching by the competition.

This is where my thinking is at the beginning. It will probably change. What’s yours?

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