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Write With Clarity: Read Copyblogger

You want to broaden your reach and become a community resource? Clearer prose will achieve your goals without resorting to fancy tricks. Copyblogger will help you.


Good, plain writing fascinates me. “How can I get my point across in as few words as possible?” compels me when I write. Finding Copyblogger was a stroke of good fortune.

Avoid the Superficial

Want to create remarkable content? Even inbound marketing thought leader Hubspot tells readers to create quirky, creative, experimental, and innovative content as the best way to do it. Quirky content will attract attention, but quirky is a fad. Instead, invest in your craft.  Writing with clarity is more difficult than being quirky, but is a surer path to longevity.


Good writing takes discipline – and motivation. Copyblogger provides that motivation.

You’re reading my blog. It occupies a small bungalow in the blogosphere. Conclusion: you like reading blogs. Copyblogger is a blog, and the perfect medium to motivate you.

Two of my favorite posts for inspiration are Writing Copy Even Your Grandma Will Love by Chris Garrett, and Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Well by Brian Clark . Garrett urges writers to use plain, understandable english words. Writing for the long tail does not excuse jargon. Jargon is sloppy language in places where people did not think hard enough for the real english word. In the Hemingway post, Clark advises we write with strong, vigorous prose. Emulate Hemingway. Take Clark’s advice one step further. Read Hemingway. Let his cadence fill your writing ear.

The First Rule of Sales

Sell yourself. Make people want to read you whether you write about inbound marketing or worms in the dirt. Draw people in you never thought would like you. Broaden your reach.

Write plainly and vigorously. The rest will take care of itself.

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