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Week in Review Part 1 – On Blog Presentation

Reflecting on my Sunday post about helpful blogging hints, I emerged thinking about blog post presentation. To me, blog post presentation includes my engagement with you, my writing quality, and my brand. I think on all fronts I can use some serious improvement.

My Engagement:  I say hello, bury my head into my topic at hand, and at the end I pick my head up, thank you for reading, and close with questions to start a dialog. I take the right attitude towards the beginning and end, but I really want to engage you throughout, making the experience more rewarding for you. Do you have any blogs you recommend that engage the audience particularly well? In addition to reading a variety of blogs for their content, I want to read a variety for their interaction.

My Writing: When I think great writing, I think of E.B White sitting at his desk:

E.B White writes at his desk

E.B White writing

He has a typewriter, a desk, and a bench, that’s it. Simple. Like White,  I want to take pride in a precise English sentence, and I want you to enjoy the clarity. That being said, I want to open the floor to you. How important do you think quality writing is to successful “blogging”? Do you think there is a division between “writing” and blogging? And in the same vein as my question in the previous paragraph, do you read any bloggers who are masters of the english language? I would love to add them to my reading list.

My Brand: My brand will emerge in time–how long, I don’t know–and, having been blogging for a little more than two weeks, I am not as concerned about this. This blog is as much about growing up as it is establishing myself as an expert, and I think in the coming months, I will look back, discover trends in my writing and say, “aha! That’s my brand.” Of course, you may disagree about the timing of branding, and I would be delighted to hear your thoughts.


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