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Week in Review: May 24th – May 30th

By nature, I am rarely satisfied with my work and am always looking ahead at my next to do. I was surprised then, to look back and see how much I had learned in a single week. For my first week in review, I’d like to pull the main themes of my past week’s work together – my free resources, my understanding of web 2.0 marketing, and the evolution of my future business – and use them to frame my research going forward.

This past week, I have been fortunate to find invaluable resources both online and in print. Print classics like Ogilvy on Advertising and the online gold mines of Hubspot and Gyutae Park have provided me insight…for FREE. Awesome.

I initially thought this new generation of marketing was called Social Media and consisted of businesses developing facebook applications for Fortune 500 companies. WRONG. Social Media is one element of a much broader movement toward marketing tools less expensive than their traditional counterparts (trade shows, direct mail, etc.). Together these tools make up online inbound marketing, and the lower cost of these as-effective tools level the playing field for budget tight businesses.

My awareness of the wider world of marketing increases my options for my future business. Where before I limited my business to building facebook applications, now I can do more. Optimally, I will pull the elements of the best web 2.0 marketing businesses, make them my own, and create the seed for a business in which I can take pride.

Although I have learned much, this is only the beginning. In the coming weeks, I hope to continue improving my knowledge base and to begin producing my own.


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