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Do Your Homework! (But not the School Kind)

Opening the advertising classic Ogilvy on Advertising to the second chapter “How to Produce Advertising that Sells,” I smiled at the author David Ogilvy’s point one: Study your product! An example:

When I got the Rolls-Royce account, I spent THREE WEEKS READING (emphasis added) about the car and came across a statement that ‘at sixty miles an hour, the loudest noise comes from the electric clock. This became the headline, and it was followed by 607 words of factual copy. (Ogilvy 11)

Brilliant. I love devouring my work. Example numero uno, working with my startup charter school this past semester, I read books of published researched by the leading institutes in America–an activity the average (and sometimes above average) college student say, “huh? You don’t need to work that hard to get an A.” But learning all I can feels right to me, and although I wish I could be more satisfied with my gifts, having a respected figure like David Ogilvy single out that skill comforts me.

Now, doing your homework is one aspect among many that help make great advertising–others included positioning, brand image, and the big idea to name a few–this aspect, however, hit particularly close to home. Those with some marketing and advertising experience, what have you found help make you successful?


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