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Back to Basics: Wildbloom Style

Yesterday, my mentor Cliff Holekamp shook me up.

I have been working to start my Wildbloom chapter as quickly as possible. Talk to local businesses I thought, then get clients, then take on projects. I sat in Cliff’s office and listened to his metaphorical smackdown of my Wildbloom priorities.

Legally, how are you going to organize your chapter? What is your relationship with the Wildbloom Foundation? What are your responsibilities and liabilities to them? How many people do you have on your team? Eleven! That’s too many, too much risk sharing of the equity. “Equity?” I said, “I’ve never thought about equity.” Cliff shot back, “Well you freakin’ should.” (conversation not word for word)

Here I am trying to start a business, and I don’t have a foundation under me yet. I am going back to the beginning with my chapter and trying to learn who will commit and who will flake. I want to know who will be the key players and who will play a supporting role. I am excited about this challenge but a little scared I will screw up.

Through this process, I am thankful to have people like Cliff in my life to give me honest feedback. That’s the best advice, even when it hurts.


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