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My Ideal Wildbloom Chapter Website

Imagine not a web-SITE, but a web-DESTINATION (Sure I borrowed from Scott Ginsberg, but I think his stuff is great). Imagine a place where students at my school, in the local community, in the Midwest…how about around the nation can travel to experience Wildbloom at WashU. This destination is my dream.

It will include only the essential; a student will find no widgets or cluttered toolbars here. He will experience the awe-inspiring feeling I felt my first time at Leo Burnett’s homepage ( – just go, you’ll understand). Unlike the visual mastery of Leo Burnett, I want to highlight our humanity. The business development director recounting his nervousness in his first client meeting, the internal development director sharing the pain felt dismissing a member, the executive director recounting the story of averting a public relations crisis; these experiences of my teammates will draw students curious about the business world. Additionally, we’ll publish everything, including our case studies of our client work, for free. My attitude: let aspiring students learn from our mistakes and successes.

More than generating traffic or unique visitors, I want to convert visitors into fans of Wildbloom WashU. I want them to visit eager for a fresh post, to thank us for what they learned, to tell all their friends about us, and to call us and say “you guys are great!”

Readers, what else makes for an awesome web destination? What are some of your favorite destinations? Why? I’m excited about making my dreams a reality, and I want to know about your experiences.


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