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A few hours ago I started reading “Stick Yourself OUT There” by Scott Ginsberg. As often happens when I hear something inspiring, I get excited and try to act. So today, I start my blog.

Full disclosure, I met Scott Wednesday morning because I am starting a chapter of the Wildbloom Foundation (the chapter is a student run business group, but more on that later) at my school. I was invited to speak with five businessman for ten minutes about my group at my school’s entrepreneurial center.

I am starting this blog to share my experience founding something that is quickly becoming very important to me, but in the end I want to write about what I want to write about. I think this blog is an opportunity to discover who I am and am not, and what I like and dislike. These posts, like me, are not finished products. Feel free to comment.

To close, here is a little little about me.

  • I am nervous around new people, and animated around my friends.
  • I am a romantic. I flew to Italy to see my boo on Valentine’s Day.
  • I like business. I love learning about it, but not in class, schoolwork has a way of dulling my enthusiasm.
  • I like reading books and playing team sports. I wish I did more of both.
  • I like dancing.
  • I like yoga. I used to take two Advil every night to sleep because of the pain in my neck. Today I take zero.

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